If you are starting out and you have decided that it would be ideal for you to ship your goods to another country, you should be able to choose a solid air freight forwarder. These freight forwarders would be the ones that will handle all the logistics needed to ensure that your products are guaranteed port entry once they arrive. However, keep these things in mind when choosing an air freight company to handle your specific needs.

They Do Not Have to Be Big

If you are a big company and you are exporting a large amount of goods, you may be better off with large companies such as UPS or FedEx. However, if you are moving niche products and you are new to exporters, a small freight forwarder in thailand may be enough for you to establish clearance once your products enter the port of another country. If you are certain that a certain third or fourth party logistics company is adequately equipped to handle your needs, then you can go for them.

They Should be Financially Stable

It makes perfect sense to work with a company that has enough assets to accommodate clients from different industries. Being financially stable would mean that their assets are liquid enough to shoulder a lot of specific needs, especially when moving niche products like yours. More often than not, stable companies are able to secure services such as error and omission insurance and would have a wide connection with carriers. They are also companies that can work with specific pricing plans for their clients, which is most probably a winning situation for you, since you are
starting out.

They Should be Experienced

Even if you are choosing a small air freight company, it does not mean that it is okay that they do not have a solid portfolio. Experience is everything to freight forwarding, since it is mostly about guaranteeing that your products would reach your market. Experience is vital when it comes to negotiating clearance through different bureaus and through a country’s Customs department. It would also tell you what kind of relationships they have established so far when it comes to carriers that would transport your products.

They Should be in Control

Why you need to have someone in control is very important, especially when they are working out a specific budget. By control, it means that they have all the means to carry out what they need to do, and that says something about their ability to inform you about what is going on with your shipment, and if they can indeed move your products.

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